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Road Tripping

I've made a lot of trips back and forth from NJ to Cleveland this year, under trying circumstances.  More about that in another post, as I'm not quite ready to deal with it here.  But the trip yesterday was a doozie.  By far the hardest.  Think I'm kidding?

Here's 13 easy steps to make a road trip even better:

Don't sleep well.  Better yet wake up at 4AM from a nightmare.Have an emotionally draining weekend.Go visit your father's grave.  Spend the first 15 minutes wandering around in the rain unable to find it, while your kids have a duel with their umbrellas.Drive through rain the entire trip.  (Eleven hours of rain.  That's no joke.)Lots of trucks, mostly ignoring the fact that there are cares on the road.  Morons in cars swerving into my lane without warning because apparently my RED car is invisible.Observe three major accidents on the same roads you are traveling.Periodic emergency notifications from children that they have to go potty.  RIGHT NOW.Floo…

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