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Homework Wars

The struggle is real.

This is yet another penance I'm doing for having laughed at my friends (nearly 2 decades ago!) when their kids had homework that they didn't want to do.  Or that the kids thought was stupid.  Or they just didn't get.

That's right.  I'm embroiled in an absolute no-win war.  The Homework War.  This involves a kid (or kids) who fall into one or more of the following categories:

Didn't write down homework assignmentForgot their workbook, planner, paper, assignment, etc.Doesn't understand the questionDoesn't care about doing good workIntentionally uses sloppy handwritingRushes through a problem then gets mad when they get the answer wrongDoesn't read instructions for a questionHas to write sentences using specific vocabulary words Currently Colin ticks EVERY box above except the last one... vocabulary sentences are Ryan's bane, but that's only twice per week so I can deal with it.  Kind of.

But oh... my darling first son.  W…

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