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Election: One Year Later

Yesterday was election day (2017), and as usual I took the boys with me to the voting booth.  I think the highlight of the day was when Colin asked if I'd go to jail if I did not vote.  I guess I'm doing something right if the kid takes civic responsibility that seriously!!  After it was all over the state od NJ (and many others) elected a new governor, passed some measures, didn't pass other... all the usual election excitement.  I don't have much faith in ANY politicians, but getting rid of the obese buffoon that was in charge here can't be a bad thing.  Here's hoping things don't get worse.  Speaking of...

One year ago today was the 2016 presidential election.  And without going into politics, let's just say that the country was in an uproar and I personally felt there were absolutely NO good options.  No matter who I voted for I would have to betray my morals and beliefs in some way.

But I swallowed that bitter pill, and tried to make the best of t…

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